Yogjakarta, Goa Maria Tritis

Yogjakarta, Goa Maria Tritis



Everybody knew about Lourdes Mary Cave, we can find it in France. And this Mary Cave became an inspiration to many countries and cities. Likewise when we visited Jogja. We found some Mary Caves too. One of them is Tritis Cave. This cave touted as The Most Exotic Mary Cave.

Tritis Cave situated at Wonosari, southern of Jogja. Pricesly located at the hill of Mountains Seribu, Dusun Bulu, Kabupaten Gunung Kidul, Wonosari. To reach this place we take time about 1,5 hours or 50 kilometers from city center. Looks far and take a long time, hmmm.. I don’t think so. Because we can see beautiful landscape a long the way. And we will not be bored.

First, this cave named Tritis Singkil Cave. This place known as ghostlike place because this cave is very quiet and far from peoples routine. So, many peoples used this place for hermitage. And then a child found this cave and he try to tell the church pastor. By local peoples this place used to celebrate Christmas Mass for local Catholic. After that the terrible impression of this cave gradually disappear. Now this cave famous as Tritis Cave and many Catholics came here to praying. Usually many of them came to this place at May or October because both of this month known as month of Mary.

Not easy to arrive this cave. From parking area we need to take 2 kilometers for the distance by walking. Traversed by a winding road and the vehicle can not be skipped. On the way we’ll find children or local people that give the direction so that we can reach the cave faster and safer. Before the visitor reach the cave usually they perform the cross road. There are 14 stations that must be passed first. Arriving at the Mount of Golgotha, we can see a situation similar to the original. There are three large cross where Jesus was crucified with Barnabas.

Tritis word taken from Java language it’s mean water droplets. The water droplets at the cave cames from cave ceiling. This cave still looks natural and decorated with stalactite and stalagmite that’s why it looks exotic. Many people interpret the water droplets with God blessing that down to the visitor. And the water became the symbol of human life what human existence should be accepted. That is the spirit of simplicity of Tritis Cave.

Besides that the visitors belief that the water can heal various diseases. So after praying they takes the water to some bottles and bring it home. Futhermore this water became a special blessing for residents around. Because surrounding natural condition was barren and local people used it for daily necessities.

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