West Sumatra, Sinamar River

Sinamar River


Sinamar River is a river in northern Sumatra, Indonesia.[1] It is a tributary of the Indragiri River.

The suspension bridge is a connection between the length and Nan lareh Jorong Jorong Subarang Aia . In fact the only bridge between the ellipse and the nearest access to the public to get to market , schools , health centers and sub-district office lareh Halaban Sago .

In addition , the suspension bridge is usually used by residents for connecting transport their agricultural produce of the fields and gardens . Revelation ( 28 ) a local farmer sesegeranya hope that the district government to make improvements to the bridge .

” This bridge is the nearest access for residents to go to the sub-district office , school and health center . The bridge collapse , menyebabkabkan activity becomes disturbed residents . Residents must rotate about 8 miles to get to the other side , “said Anton ( 36 ) , a local resident .

Recognition of local residents , a few months before the collapse of a wooden bridge , the condition is very poor , even pondasinyapun start Terban and steadily eroded by the strong flow of water Trunk Sinamar .
Every week , the two resident ellipse always worked together to repair the bridge was made ​​in 1981 . Residents only use makeshift tools to repair the wooden bridge has a length of approximately 50 meters.

” We hope citizens , local governments Fifty Cities immediately build a permanent bridge in our area . So that people can return normar activities , “said Anto . ( DDG )

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