West Sumatra, Siberut, Dance

West Sumatra, Siberut, Dance

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Siberut Island And Mentawai People.

The Regency of Mentawai Island has Tua Pejat ( Sipora ) as it a capital, located about 135 km from Padang. And can be accessed by sea in about 10 hours. Lover of  natures won’t be dissapointed by a trip to the regency of Mentawai Islands a small archipelago off the coast of West Sumatera consisting of the island of Siberut,Sipora,North Pagai,South Pagai of those islands, Siberut Island is perhaps the most remarkable.
Its vast nature reserve, Siberut National Park, home to a wide range of native flore and fauna, is one of the most impressive in indonesia.

The indigenious tribal inhabitants of Siberut Mentawai people are welcoming to visitors. Cut off from mainland Minangkabau culture, they developed an animistic, simple way of  life deeply connected to the rhytms of nature. An almost stones age existence. Expedition to visit Siberut Island and its people. It is eazy to arrange with a tour group minimum 2 people. Those interested in making visit to the Mentawai Island can take ferry from Padang.

Mentawai culture quite unique and exotic contents a lot of  ritual ceremonies and chanting. Most people having “TATTO” at whole of their bodies.

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