West Sumatra, Padang, Tradisi Okol

West Sumatra, Padang, Tradisi Okol

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Padang combined with dance dance Peccot Brighten up the day so Bangkalan
Bangkalan ( pusawi.blogspot.com ) – Government Bangkalan celebrate the 482 anniversary by holding a carnival culture in front of the pavilion Supreme Bangkalan , Thursday ( 10/24/2013 ) .

Regent Bangkalan , Muh . Fuad Ibn Ma’mun , in his speech menyampakan , Carnival of Cultures , Fair Bangkalan ( PRB ) is the culmination of a warning to Bangkalan Anniversary – 482 ​​.

” We ask the public and the bearers of traditions , customs , culture , traditional arts and ordinances that have been well maintained and preserved its existence in their respective districts maintained , ” he said .

Meanwhile , the cultural procession which followed 18 districts as Bangkalan featuring arts , customs according inherited from generation to generation . Such messengers District of Burneh display . Tradition ” Former Sonat ” a tradition that is still alive and has performed when a boy .

Kecamatan Tanah Merah presenting Sakera pack , legendary figure who lived century 19 . Subdistrict Labang displays Okol tradition , the story about the fight tradition banyan villagers . Subdistrict Socah , featuring newly wed celebration ” Former Toddu ” of the village Keleyan talked about marriage ceremony in the dry season . ( Bk ) ce

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