West Sumatra, Padang, Tari Piring

West Sumatra, Padang, Tari Piring

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In addition to an abundance of natural attractions , West Sumatra also has many shades of art that will make you amazed . One is the area of dance , named Dance Plate . In recent years, the government of West Sumatra crowned Plate Dance became one of the assets to attract the attention of tourists .
Plate Dance originated from West Sumatra , precisely in Solok . At first , the dishes dance performed by women and men to bring the god to the gods as an expression of gratitude for the harvest which gives very satisfactory results . They are very agile dancing while holding the plates in the palm of his hand . There are three types of variation in the art of dance movements Plate , which bagaluik squirrels ( squirrels wrestle ) , bagalombang ( wavy ) , and aka malilik ( twisted sense ) .
Plate Dance Arts
However, with the introduction of Islam then the dance is experiencing a shift that is no longer to worship god but to appear in the event was also a celebration or wedding . The dancers also switch from the initial mixture , now only done by women dressed up . You probably will not believe without seeing directly the dancers move fast , attractive , energetic and very beautiful with plates that did not sway much less fall . The dance begins with the dancers begin to move in accordance with the dance choreography put a plate in each hand without spite or shifted a bit.
More lively atmosphere with musical instruments used to accompany the dance tramp , namely talempong and saluang . Dancers are usually brightly colored costumes that supports festive event . You will also hear a distinctive rhythm resulting from the clatter of plates that held the ring finger was deliberately imposed on dancers . Then , be prepared to hold your breath for a moment at the middle of the show , because there will be an attraction throwing plates . Yes , the plates are held by the dancers accidentally thrown very high into the air and then trampled fractions with dance movements continued. It describes the feeling excited about the abundant harvest . Miraculously , no one will be any injuries in the feet of the dancers even if they stepped on with bare feet . In general , the dancers in traditional dances odd number , between three , five , or seven dancers .

The dishes are very famous dance privileges to all corners of the world . This dance had been staged outside of West Sumatra , which is in the big cities such as Jakarta , Medan , Pekanbaru , and others . More proud again , Plate Dance were also performed in order to tour the archipelago cultural festival . Not only in the country , Plate Dance has also penetrated into the international and cultural festival ever staged in the archipelago in Malaysia , Singapore , Serbia , as well as some countries in Europe . If you want to display the Plate Dance in the event or celebration that you hold , you can rent a dance group so that the dancers are present in your town and presenting traditional dance of West Sumatra directly to your invited guests . Of course , that would make the entire watch be in awe over who owned the unique choreography and movement agility of the dancers with the plates in his hand .
            These dishes are usually pementasaan Dance staged by a certain number of people are not , but are the main requirements in the implementation Plate Dance is the number of people who perform this Plate Dance should be an odd number , but in ancient times this Plate Dance performed by one person alone . Where in the implementation of the Plate Dance , the dancers holding plates levels that have been prepared and while doing dance movements , where the higher the level the better dishes . When the music that follows the sooner , the plate held by the dancers will be thrown up and broken plates will be trampled by the dancers and the dancers were still dancing until the music stops that follow .
Dance can be concluded that the plate had trasedental values ​​, which is where this trasendental values ​​contained in the procedures of Plate Dance . Where the plates are held by the dancers are arranged above , which shows that the above dishes aimed toward God ( trasendental ) and also seen in the function and purpose of this plate is a dance mengucapakan gratitude and thanks to those presented above , to what has been given to the Minangkabau society .

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