West Sumatra, Kunyit Volcano

West Sumatra, Kunyit Volcano


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Subregion Name:Sumatra (Indonesia)
Volcano Number:0601-171
Volcano Type:Stratovolcano
Volcano Status:Fumarolic
Last Known Eruption:Unknown
Summit Elevation:2151 m7,057 feet
Kunyit volcano lies about 10 km south of Lake Kerinci, well to the north of its location listed in Neumann van Padang (1951). The summit of the dacitic, 2151-m-high Kunyit volcano contains two craters open to the south, the uppermost of which has a small crater lake. The age of the latest eruptive activity from Kunyit is not known, although fumarolic activity occurs at the youngest crater on the northern side of the summit area.

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