West Sumatra, Kuantan River, Rafting

West Sumatra, Kuantan River, Rafting


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A. Glance

Kuantan River flow stem is one of the tracks for extreme sports rafting in Sijunjung regency, West Sumatra Province. This river has rapids rapids are dangerous and challenging. River with a length of 38 km is formed from the combination of two major rivers located in West Sumatra, namely Ombilin Trunk and Trunk Palangki. It made the river has become one of the largest rivers in the province. Kuantan rods are grouped in categories III difficulty level. This shows, that the trunk strength really good place for river rafting sports lovers to wade the river. Kuantan presenting difficulties stem variations of different fields, ranging from mild to dangerous obstacles. For example, in the direction of the river, the tracks that will be traversed by the participants with relatively mild rafting river is calm. Entering the middle, through which the field starts heavy with dangerous rapids rapids. While in the lower reaches of the river, the obstacles that face has entered the dangerous category with extreme rapids and obstacles that are difficult. Participants who pass through the lower reaches of this river, paddling the boat must be nimble in order to survive until the goal.

B. Feature

Kuantan trunk flows in hilly areas in the crevice between the towering boulder. The cliffs are standing strong cover part of the banks of the river is overgrown shade trees. The composition of the towering cliffs and the green expanse of trees the main attraction when wading rod Kuantan. In some places on the course location rafting sports activities there are also some interesting sights to visit, such as Rock Climbing for the sport of rock climbing, Waterfall Bar Tano, and the grotto or cave with stalactite expanse of stone for cave tours. The travelers will be entertained by the presence of some tourist attraction, which can be visited at a time when waiting for their turn to paddle and when it breaks after the completion of the rafting sport activities. Kuantan trunk is often used by groups both KPA Nature Lovers, Mapala, Sispala as a gym, nature expeditions, and the fringe of the river. Reasons Trunk strength is chosen because the river is still in good condition, large rivers flow, and natural conditions are still beautiful.

C. Location

Rafting is located in Kuantan Trunk Silokek Nagari, District Sijunjung, Sijunjung Regency, West Sumatra, Indonesia.

D. Access

Rafting location is approximately 120 km from the city of Padang, the capital of West Sumatra Province. Travel can be reached by public transport (bus), car rental, or a private car. If using public transport (bus), the journey starts from the Minangkabau Airport (BIM) to Pusak Padang city with transport Damri with tariff Rp 15,000. From the city of Padang towards Muaro Sijunjung terminal in the city Sijunjung. Usually the tourists be charged fees of Rp 25,000 with a travel time of about 4 hours (November 2011). From the terminal Muaro Sijunjung to the location within 14 km, the journey continues with rural transportation with the cost of Rp 3,000

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