West Sumatra, Gandoriah Beach, Pariaman

West Sumatra, Gandoriah Beach, Pariaman

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Located in downtown Pariaman. This beach has white sand and ramps, as well as the waves are too big making it suitable for swimming and play waves. Along the coast in the coastal spruce tumbuhi so impressed cool and beautiful. The beach is always crowded, especially at first ma tabuik time and time widths.

Rice is also available here SEK (seribu kenyang_pack of satiety, the rice wrapped in banana leaves), Pariaman serving fish dishes prepared with a distinctive taste Pariaman. Besides, visitors can enjoy various fried seafood such as shrimp, crab, sala Bulek and do not miss a tasty satay pariaman while enjoying the sunset on the western horizon. Right in front of the beach there Kasiak island, Pandan Island, and Island Angso Duo. At certain moments, visitors can visit the island by boat bercadik of local fishermen.

Location: located right in the heart of the city, easy access to the beach with the friendly waves.
The capital of West Sumatra, Indonesia, Padang, you can use the direct bus finally stops this city or by train from Padang with a specific timetable that costs 3x more expensive than the bus ride plus you can enjoy a leisurely journey by train .

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