West Sumatra, Arta Pariaman Beach

West Sumatra, Arta Pariaman Beach


Pariaman is the religious centre of the Minang Kabau. Every year they hold the Tabuik festival, following the Islmitic calendar. Towers of 12 till 15 meters high will be carried around the city. It is a spectaculair fest. Please contact us for every years date. Beside of that there is a holy cave that can be visit on special request.


According to the limited early sources available, by the sixteenth century Pariaman was an important port city serving the Minangkabau settlements in the interior highlands of central west Sumatra. Traders from western India and later from Europe visited the port, trading in pepper, gold, and other products of the interior. In the early seventeenth century the port came under control of the Sultanate of Aceh, to the north; an Acehnese governor was stationed in the town. The port formally came under Dutch control in 1663 by treaty with Aceh. In 1671 the Dutch built a lodge here and later, around 1684, a fort. Continuing clashes with local rulers and competition with other European trading companies resulted in the port being abandoned by the Dutch in 1770. By the early twentieth century the port was less prominent on the coast, as Padang, just to the south, was the focus of Dutch activities in western Sumatra and had a railroad link to the interior.

After Indonesian independence, Pariaman was a naval headquarters for a province called Central Sumatra. It became an autonomous city on 11 Apr 2002.

The contemporary economy is primarily agricultural with 79% of land in farming. Minangkabau International Airport, West Sumatra’s major airport, is located near the city.

A festival named Tabuik is held annually in the city every 1-10 Muharram, to commemorate the Day of Ashura. The festival commemorates the death of the grandsons of Muhammad, Hasan and Husen. A mythical creature called a Bouraq – a winged horse with a human head – is said to have carried their souls to heaven. In the festival, two effigies of the Bouraq called Tabuik are carried through the city. The tabuik, named Tabuik Pasa and Tabuik Subarang, are swayed accompanied by tambur music and tasa drums. In the afternoon, both Tabuik are moved to the coast and before sunset they are immersed into the sea.


Pantai Arta and Kata

Both these places are popular beach resorts for local people. Arta beach is located about 23 km from the centre of Pariaman. It is known for its beautiful pine trees along the seashore.. The sandy beaches, clear water and bright sunshine are perfect for swimming and sunbathing. The pinetrees will protect you from the direct sunrays. Kata beach is about 3 km south of Pariaman.

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