West Sumatra, Air Manis Beach, Padang

West Sumatra, Air Manis Beach, Padang


Air Manis (Padang), means “fresh water”, is a name of a beach and a village separated to Padang by a hill. It takes just 20 – 30min from Pasar Rayas(Padang) to get there by Angkot (4000IDR) ,but caused by geographical separation it feels like you are leaving Padang for a holiday.Don’t loose patience waiting for the dark blue Angkot #402 at Pasar Rayas (Center of Padang)! It can take up to an hour and don’t wonder when the driver picks up some sacks of cement to bring them to Air Manis.

People in Air Manis are relaxed & friendly, traffic is reduced to a minimuim and even in Ramadan month, you would find a place where they sell some food. Located in the middle of the muddy beach lies Adi’s guest house between high trees. There you can rent surfboards,leave your stuff in one of his rooms while surfing,get something to drink (Bintang 25000 IDR; at Padang beach you pay 35000) , shower after surfing and start to relax! If you like you can even stay for the night. But guys be aware he is a little touchy! So don’t wonder if you’re getting hugged. At the beginning he wants 50000 IDR for a surfboard per day ,but with the promise to come back you can push down the price to 25000 IDR and after a few days even less.The waves at Air Manis (Padang) have an idealistic size for Beginners and furthermore the whole bay has a sandy ground.

In addition to the opportunity of surfing you can reach an island from Air Manis by walking. Depending on the you have to walk through 100m of water on sand. On the island you can lay down in a hammock or explore the rocky coastline by walking and climbing around. It is totally worth it!
There is also another island with a beautiful beach, but you have to haggle with the people at the beach,because at first they want 100000 IDR for 500m transportation.

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