West Papua Danau Jamur Nature Reserve

West Papua

Danau Jamur Nature Reserve

Location:3-ª40’S, 134-ª47’E; 125 km east of Kaimana, Kabupaten Fakfak, Irian Jaya.
Area:c.3,500 ha.
Description of site:
A large freshwater lake and associated marshes in the upper drainage of the Omba River, There are some sago swamps to the north of the lake.
Climatic conditions:Humid tropical climate.
Principal vegetation:No information.
Land tenure:No information.
Conservation measures taken:None.
Land use:No information.
Disturbances and threats:No information.
Economic and social values:No information.
The fish fauna includes four of New Guinea’s endemic fishes: Arius sp. A, Craterocephalus randi, Ambassis reticulata and Terapon jamoerensis. The new species of Arias and T. jamoerensis are known only from this site. Other fishes include Nematalosa erebi, Toxotes oligolepis and the freshwater shark Carcharhinus leucas.
No information is available on the other fauna.

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