West Papua Anggi Lakes (Gigi and Cita East) Nature Reserve

West Papua

Anggi Lakes (Gigi and Cita East) Nature Reserve


Location:Gigi 1 -ª22’S, 133-ª55’E; Gita East 1-ª23’S, 133-ª59’E; in the hills at the eastern end of the Yogelkop Peninsula, 60 km SSW of Manokwari, Kepala Burung, Irian Jaya.
Area:Gigi 2,000 ha; Gita East 2,200 ha.
Altitude:Approximately 2,000m.
Description of site:
Two large, permanent, freshwater lakes and associated seasonally flooded grassland and peat bogs, fed by streams from the surrounding mountains. There is a marshy area at the north end of Gigi Lake. The lakes are separated by a ridge of high ground about three km wide.
Principal vegetation:
No information is available on the aquatic vegetation. Most of the surrounding forest has been cleared, but the hillsides remain rich in ferns.
Land tenure:No information.
Conservation measures taken:None.
Conservation measures proposed:
The UNDP has proposed that an agro-forestry project be developed in the area.
Land use:
Cultivation and cattle grazing around the lakes. There is a village on the shores of one of the lakes.
Disturbances and threats:
Disturbance from human settlements in the area. A wide path has been made through the marshy area north of Anggi Gigi.


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