West Java, Ujung Genteng Beach

West Java, Ujung Genteng Beach

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Ujung Genteng is one of those very few places left in Java that are still pristine, the water clear and beautiful, surrounded by coral reef, many say similar to Lombok, but less crowded, no hawkers on the beach a very peaceful destination, you are more likely to see plenty of natural wildlife than night-life. White beaches and uncrowded beaches make this a great destination. Famous for seeing the Green Turtles come onto the beach and lay their eggs all year around, with this conservation area being sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund.

Ujung Genteng, translated means (The edge of the roof) or maybe end of the world, is a peninsular on the South-West coast of Java, about 3 hours from Sukabumi and about 7 hours from Jakarta. The nearest Towns are Surade, Ciracap, Jampang Kulon and the nearest Cities are Pelabuhan Ratu and Sukabumi, Ujung Genteng comes under the provincial district of Sukabumi, the nearest villages along the peninsular are Cibuaya and pangumbahan.

Ujung Genteng is one of the largest reserves for the Green Turtle in South East Asia and has helped to popularize this resort, as a holiday destination that is growing very rapidly. Over 90% of tourists come from Jakarta and Bandung at the moment, although this the area has been popular in surfing circles for its extreme surfing in Ombak Tujuh (The seventh wave beach), where tourists have been coming to surf from Australia, Europe and America.

The population in Ujung Genteng remains quite small, but during the holiday seasons, grow rapidly with thousands of local tourists flooding into the area. There are very few beaches left in West Java that remain in pristine condition, with little or no pollution, the coral reefs surrounding the West side of the peninsular are exposed during low tide, where you can see the local population harvesting seaweed or collecting shell fish, Lobster and Octopus as a food source. Other foods include, sea cucumber, crab and the many varieties of coral fish.

Accommodation in Ujung Genteng is generally very basic and has only one hotel, so generally visitors expectations shouldn’t be too high, although the hotel now does have some luxuries not before seen, like air conditioning, restaurant and swimming pool.

Many people are now trying to find alternative holidays to other travel destinations in the area, Pelabuhan Ratu has become overcrowded and polluted and now the building of the Power station there makes it less attractive. Other areas around Jakarta have also become very crowded at weekends and holidays and Ujung Genteng is still within travelling distance for a weekend. Pangandaran is another popular resort, but very far from Jakarta and Bandung.

The roads are now a lot better than they were, but still not ideal, tourists do complain about them, but always end up by saying “it was worth it”

  • Turtle Beach Hotel, Ujung Genteng, +6285860555177, [1]. The Hotel is just meters from the beach, with the only restaurant in the area, serving Traditional as well as continental food. The Hotel has a large 20m swimming pool, for a morning dip before breakfast. A bar and music and Karaoke is of available.  edit

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