West Java, Santolo beach

West Java, Santolo beach

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The contour of Rawa Buaya beach, or also known as Ranca Buaya, is composed of coral reefs. From a height, we could see the beach and the deep blue Indian Ocean full of splashing waves.

The beach is located in Purbayani Village, Garut, about 167 kilometers from Bandung, which can be traveled in approximately six hours with cars. There are also public minibuses from Garut to Ranca Buaya beach. The view along the road to Ranca Buaya was amazing: mountains, cascaded rice fields, and green tea farms.

Tens of villas and guesthouses are available at the site in various prices. Restaurants and health facilities are also easy to find. A small waterfall that is located between reefs in one corner of the beach and facing the beach becomes a particular attraction of the 10-hectare large tourism site.

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