West Java, Rafting at Citarik River, Sukabumi

West Java, Rafting at Citarik River,  Sukabumi



Your adrenaline racing with rafting on the River Citarik. Citarik River is one of the rivers in the district of Sukabumi which is used as a location for rafting activities. With the river water is quite heavy, you will be served by five operators rafting guides are certified by national and even international standards. This is important because for tourists who are interested in following the activities of rafting, the safety factor is a major concern in addition to the service. In addition, you can also do activities such as outbound iainnya, ball point, war games, off road, and see the sights expanse of tea plantations and rubber / gutta-percha. A suitable place for those who like agility activities. rafting-citarik-river-westjava-2 raftingcitarik.com: River Rafting Citarik Sukabumi area that has tourist appeal challenging enough water was added to the Grade IV, with pretty scenery ekxotis. There is a wide selection of rafting mileage that you can choose: 5 km, 9 km, and 12 miles at an economical price.

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