West Java, Karang Paranje Beach

West Java, Karang Paranje Beach

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Paranje Coral Coast is one of the beach tourism object in Garut District, which has not developed into tourist attractions, and has a temperature between 17-27 degrees Celsius. The sun on the beach is the average heat and have a great breeze. This beach has a tourism potential of the natural beauty of the beach with the presence of cluster of rocks on the beach, so this beach has a unique and special charm. On the beach can also enjoy the exotic atmosphere of the evening sunset (sunset) is clear.
This beach area with a 9-ha area of 12-13 ha. Of the whole area there are areas not yet built for tourism facilities, and only used as a residential population, and that Sarna was not used for anything as much as 4 ha. However, local communities have set up specific areas that will be used for tourism sector. Local community is very mendul
On this beach there is only a soccer field and a bridge linking the mainland with Paranje Reef coast, and a natural lake used for fishing communities.
This beach has a configuration of flat land with a slope of the ramps and the stability of soil and soil absorption is good. Type of material in the form of coastal land soft white sand and rock clusters membantang in the coastal areas. Blue coastal waters, with the smell of water and normal temperature, and the slope of the current Jaut basis. The beach is included into the category of stable beach for a little abrasion level and wave height memiJiki average of 1-2 m.
Seaweed is the dominant flora of the sea, while the dominant marine fauna is a small fish, shellfish and snails. One of the beautiful beach is a sand reef Paranje a clean white beach with a length of more than 2000 meters and 100-200 meters wide. For the beach area is a dominant flora of the bidur pandan leaves can be used as material for making matting.
The quality and cleanliness of the beach environment relatively well, because this beach is not touched at all Sarna development. In general, this beach is not found in the various forms of pollution (water, air, and soil), and there is no vandalism and garbage pollution. And this beach also has visabilitis free, and low noise level.
Administrative boundary of the Coral Coast is Paranje
as in the north bordering Singajaya village, west of the city Pameungpeuk, the south by the Indian Ocean, and on the east by the Village Cipatujah.
While natural boundary Paranje Reef beach is:
North: Rubber Plantation Mira-mare
West: River CIMERAK
South Indian Ocean
East: Pantai Indah Cijeruk

Clean water sources in the environment there is only settlement that comes from the population wells, and the distance to the water source area of the coast as far as 300 m. For electrical installations only occurred in settlements, while in coastal areas there are not electrical installations, communication systems, waste disposal systems.
Tourism activities that can be done at this beach is the beach enjoying the scenery (sightseeing), fishing, photography, playing on the beach, a walk, and saw the sunset (sunset). Activities that have the potential to be developed include boating, sunbathing, spooning Nook, and water sports. .
Because of the Coral Beach Paranje little known, so for now the majority of visitors who come to this beach only from Garut.
Legal and policy aspects of tourism object is still in the process of Garut district government regulation, managed by the Group while Activator Tourism (Kompepar) and ownership status owned by local communities.

Special Aspects
Coral Coast Paranje a quiet, beautiful and peaceful it was to have close links with a local community centa which explains the origin of the name of this beach. It is said that this beach is she become a princess hiding place. Once upon a time hid up a princess is beautiful and very fond of cockfighting (cockfighting). Then the father of the princess wants to find mate for his son, and to choose the best candidate then diadakanlah Princess Princess fighting contest. If there is a knight of the participants have successfully defeated all his opponents, the Knights will be married to the Putn. Long story short, turned out to contest won by a bad knight way that the princess did not want a knight dipersunting by these ugly, and then the Princess then went to a rocky beach and hiding behind rocks on the beach with bringing his favorite fighting cock. Since seeing his son was not in place, the King then sent his troops to find them. After days of searching, the Princess still not found.
Then the king of one of the servants look on the coast. When doing a search in the morning, he heard the rooster crowed from behind the stone mansions. Then he rnenghampiri chicken sound, after arriving at the place of origin of the sound source, the king’s servants found the princess. Apparently, the crowing rooster is fighting cock’s favorite daughter is. Therefore, this beach is named Paranje Coral, said the rock was so named because the beach there are rocks in the coastal cluster of beach. Meanwhile, word for word paranje given paranje cage means (a chicken) which is connected by a rooster kokokan’s The Princess. Thus the origin of tersabut coast reef named Paranje associated with local folklore.
Facilities located in coastal areas where hanyal a
parking with a less good condition, and surface vegetation of land with inadequate shelter. Supporting facilities of the beach comes from the nearest public facility in the form of mosques and the small mosque, health facilities and security facilities, all of which are in perrukiman population
Accommodation facilities in the region have not yet pantal UkE tHiS. But if visitors want to spend the night can use the facility
nearest accommodation located in District Pameungpeuk. as well as restaurants, which bejarak:? 6 km.

To reach the coast of the Coral Paranje the available means of transportation is public transportation that passes through the area with the bus fare is Rp. 12.000/orang, OJEG rate Rp. 25,000 / person, and urban transportation tariff Rp. 5000-6000 / person. Time transportation operations to this region of the clock at 5 am to 5 pm.
Contained accessibility in this area of highway with wide sub-class roads connecting the 3 m Parneungpeuk with plantation District Mira-mare, and access roads with a width of 2 m has a fairly high road and footpath width 0,5-1 m with sufficient quality.
In terms of security along the road, the road to the beach is considered good.

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