West Java, Batu Hiu Beach

West Java, Batu Hiu Beach


Some 12 km west of Pangandaran along the coastal road is Batu Hiu, a bizarre rock right on the coast. Its name means “Shark rock,” though sharks are not to be found anywhere in the whole coastal area. This huge rock is covered with smooth grass, has prop-rooted pandanus palms, and provides a fine vista over the whole bay.

This place has a beautiful view, which can be viewed from a hilltop full of Pandan Wong trees. About 200 m from the beach, we can find a boulder that resembles a shark (Batu Hiu).

Come to relax, run, swims. It’s all on Batu Hiu Beach. All the spoils of the good life are close enough to make your decision easy.

Huts, food & beverage stalls, souvenir shop, parking areas, Tourist Information Centre, turtle breeding.

Ticket price: Free Entrance
Open hours: Daily

Source: westjavatourism.info

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