West Java, Bandung Asia Afrika Museum

West Java, Bandung Asia Afrika Museum


Description :

Building which located in Asian street of This African is founded by a so called Dutch architect of Van Galen last and of C.O. Wolf Schoemaker. This Building become very famous since performing of Asian Conference of African Year 1955, later Have Conference Asian Student of African Year 1956 and Asian Conference Islam of African putting copy and omissions of famous Asia African. This building is opened generically every day work and keep handy by using major town bus of Cicaheum – Cibeureum, Museum presenting photos collection and goods three dimension related to Asian Conference of African 1955.

Architecture Building
This Building is designed by Van Gallen Last and of C.P. Wolff Schoemaker. Both is Professor at Technische Hogeschool (Technical College), that is ITB now, two famous Dutch architecture during the period, This building jell once with nuance of art this luxury building and deco seen from its made floor of marmer made in lustrous Italian, place rooms drink and relax is made from wood of cikenhout, while for its lighting is wearied by lamps deflect depended crystal to shimmer. This building occupies area for the width of 7.500 m2.

History Building
At that moment this so called building of SOCITEIT CONCORDIA utilized as recreation place by a group of Dutch society which living in town of Bandung and its surroundings. They are all officer of plantation, heroic, magnifier, entrepreneur, and rich other circle enough. On holiday, especially nighttime, this building is fulfilled by them to look on to show of artistry, dinner.

At a period to occupying of this Japan building is named by Dai Toa Kaman with its function as culture center.

At a period to proclamation independence of Republic Of Indonesia on 17 of August this 1945 building is used as by station young man of Indonesia utilize to face Japan army which is on at that time shy at to deliver its power to Indonesia.

After governance of Indonesia start to be formed (1946 – 1950) marked by existence of governance of Haminte Bandung, State of Pasundan, and Recomba West Java, Building of Concordia utilized again as public meeting house. Ordinary here carried out by show of artistry, party, restaurant, and meeting of other public.

With decision of republic government of Indonesia (1954) specifying Town of Bandung as place Have conference Asia African, hence Building of Concordia chosen as conference place. At that moment Building of Concordia is biggest meeting place building and most luxury in Town of Bandung. And location it’s even also very strategic in the centre of Town of Bandung and also and close to best hotel in this town, that is Hotel of Savoy Homann and Hotel Preanger.

And start early this 1955 Building year is restored and accommodated by its requirement as place have conference to have level of International, and its development is handled by Post Public Work Of Province West Java led by Ir. R. Srigati Santoso, and executor of its restoration is: 1) Bureau Chevalier, under head R. Machdar Prawiradilaga, 2) PT. Alico, under head of M.J. Ali, 3) PT. AIA, under head of R.M. Madyono.

After formed by Constituent Republic of Indonesia as result of general election of year 1955, Building Independence to be made as Building of Constituent. Because Constituent looked into to fail in to execute duty the core important, that is specifying state s philosophy and state constitution, hence that Constituent is disbanded by Presidential Decree is 5 July 1959. Hereinafter, Building Independence to be made by place activity of Body Designer of National and later become Building People Consultative Assembly Where as (formed by MPRS) is year 1960. Though Building function Independence to fluctuate from time to time in line with natural change in struggle maintain, arranging, and filling independence of Republic Of Indonesia , name of Building Independence stake remain to at façade.

In the year 1965 in Building Independence to be passed off by Asian Conference Islam of African. In the year 1971 activity of MPRS in Building Independence is entirely transferred to Jakarta. After erupting rebellion of G30S/ PKI, Building Independence to be mastered by military institution and some of the building made as political prisoner place of G30S/ PKI. In July 1966, conservancy of Building Independence to be delivered by central government to Local Government Mount I Province West Java, later on by Local Government Mount I Province West Java delivered again its execution to Local Government Mount II Municipality of Bandung. Three year later, 6 July 1968, head of MPRS in Jakarta alter decree concerning Building Independence (Building secondhand of MPRS) provided that the delivered is its mains building, while other buildings which located in Building backside Independence still become responsibility of MPRS.

At this March 1980 Building is again entrusted to become place commemoration of Asian Conference of African which is 25th and its Top commemoration is opened by Museum Have conference Asia African by Soeharto President Republic Of Indonesia 2nd.


Museum Have conference Asia African have showroom which remain to demonstrate a number of collection in the form of objects three photos and dimension of documenter event of Meeting Of Monument, Have Conference Colombo, Have conference Bogor, and Asian Conference of African Year 1955. Besides displayed also photos concerning:

  • Event which is background born him Have Conference Asia African;
  • Impact Have conference Asia African to international world;
  • Building Independence from time to time;
  • Nations participant profile Have conference Asia African contained in multimedia.

In order to greeting Delegation Summit Conference visit of X Movement of Non – block year 1992 where chosen Indonesia as the conference place and become Chief Movement of Non – block, made diorama depicting situation opening of Asian Conference of African Year 1955.

Settlement return Showroom Remain To “History Have conference Asia African 1955”
In Order To Asian Summit conference of African 2005 and Commemoration 50 Year Have conference Asia African 1955 at 22 – 24 April 2005, arranging exhibition of Museum Have conference Asia African renovated of Minister For Foreign Affairs Republic Of Indonesia initiative of Dr. N. Hassan Wirajuda. Settlement return the Museum executed of same activity of Overseas Department with State Secretariat and Government of Province West Java. Planning and technical execution of him done by Vico Design and of Wika Realty.

Plan Making Of Showroom Remain To “History Struggle of Asia African” and Asian Room Identity National Nations of African (2008).
Overseas Department Republic of Indonesia have in heart to develop Museum Have conference Asia African as same activity symbol two area and making it as study center, archives center, and documentation center. One of the its effort by adding some showroom remain to, what demonstrate a number of object and photo three dimension concerning Strategic Partner Newly Asian of African (New Asian African Strategic Partnership / NAASP) and also various items depicting culture from each state in both area.

Development of this museum is planned form at April 2008, just with Commemoration of Asian three Summit conference year of African.

To support activity of Museum Have conference Asia African, at 1985 Abdullah Kamil (by then Lead Delegation of Embassy Republic of Indonesia in London) initiative making of a library.

This library have a number of book concerning history, social, politics, and Asian Nations culture of African, and other nations; documents concerning Asian Conference of African and its continuation conferences; and also newspaper and magazine stem from contribution / purchasing and donation.

At the same time with will extend of showroom remain to Museum Have conference Asia African at April 2008, library even also will be developed as center library of Asia African which is its workmanship process is started at 2007. This library is expected will become the source of especial information hit two area, which provides various facilities like zone of wifi, café bookshop, digital of library, and visual audio of library.

Like also library, visual audio room made at 1985. Existence of this room also initiative by Abdullah Kamil.

This Room becomes medium for the displaying of films of documenter regarding the condition of world till year 1950, Asian Conference of African and its continuation conferences, and also films regarding the condition of social, political, and cultural of nations in both areas.

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