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Way Kambas National Park Map





Sumatran park made safer
Elephants no longer at risk from hidden wells

Rare animal species at an Indonesian national park will soon be able to tread more safely in their jungle home.

Way Kambas National Park on the south-east coast of Sumatra is peppered with around 4,000 abandoned wells that were once used by people who lived there.

Since the communities were relocated when the park was gazetted in 1984, the wells have become death traps for wildlife, particularly the endangered baby Sumatran elephant.

A three-year-old baby Sumatran elephant called Sakura made headlines this year when she fell into a well. She was rescued after two weeks without food or water but died of pneumonia shortly afterwards.

Now the US Fish and Wildlife Service is to contribute two-thirds of the US$71,328 (£39,808) that is needed for a project to close the wells. The remaining money will be provided by the Ecolodges Indonesia Wildlife Rescue Fund.

As well as monitoring the well closures, the new project will rescue and rehabilitate animals who have fallen into the wells.

Way Kambas National Park is also home to the critically endangered Sumatran rhino and Sumatran tiger. The rhino population has slowly risen since 1988, when experts estimated numbers had fallen to an all-time low of between 19 and 22.

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