Waiwo Dive Resort, Waiwo Island

Waiwo Dive Resort, Waiwo Island



Waiwo Dive Resort is set in place by the locals in the call waiwo, located close to the Capital District Waisai as Raja Ampat making it easy to reach either by land or sea ……..,

The resort is built by maintaining the ecological condition of the surrounding lingkungn so that it remains beautiful and cool …. development concept is to keep the ecosystem balance of land and sea …,

Every day you can enjoy bird kecauan or just see the fish that swim freely on the beach or around the jety ….,

You can also see some wild animals such as lizards, maleo, possum etc …….,

Will be get a different atmosphere from other places and new experiences since around the resort is still maintained a cool tropical forest and white sand, warm blue sea ..

6 rooms of wood and 6 rooms with more modern construction ….,


A. Dive center …..,
There are 15 sets of diving equipment is ready for rent …, 3 units of boat diving.

2. Restaurant,
honor of the beach, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, there are also soft drinks and alcoholic beverages low levels.



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