Tumis Pare Teri Bumbu Tauco, Stir Fry Bittermelon and Anchovies with Tauco

Tumis Pare Teri Bumbu Tauco, Stir Fry Bittermelon and Anchovies with Tauco



Tauco are salted fermented soybeans and pronounced tow chow. They were brought to Indonesia by Chinese immigrants. It has cooperated with Indonesian culinary for centuries. Each regions of Indonesia have different type of tauco.

It can be combined with fish, chicken, vegetable, tofu etc.Tauco are sold in whole and paste. It’s similar to miso in Japanese cuisine.

Tumis Pare dan Teri Bumbu Tauco means stir fry bittermellon with anchovies and tauco. This doesn’t categorize as special Eid ul-Fitr dish either. I wouldn’t make this dish for Eid ul-Fitr if my husband didn’t request it. For Indonesians, this is just daily food for accompanying the rice.

Tumis Pare dan Teri Bumbu Tauco
adapted from Yusy Wijaksa, modified by me

2 bittermelons, halve, discard the seed and cut into 3/4 cm thick
150 g frozen anchovies, thawed and baked/fried
4 tbsp tauco
1 tomato, diced
2 Indonesian bay leaves
1 cm length galangal
2 green chilies, discard the seed and angle cut
1 tbsp ground bird eyes chilies*
salt and sugar to season (I didn’t add this as the tauco is pretty salt for my tastebuds)
oil for stir-frying

Spices to grind:
5 shallots (If you use smaller size, use 1 clove garlic

1. Sprinkle salt over bittermelon and squeeze softly by hand until wilted.
2. Let bittermelon sit for 10 minutes, rinse off with water and drain.
3. Stir fry all the spices, except green chilies until fragrant. Add anchovies and bittermelon, cook until done.
4. Taste and season with salt and/or sugar as desired.

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