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Tulamben, Amed, Lipah, Kubu, Seraya, Gili Selang

Tulamben is located on the northeast coast of Bali at the foot of Mount Gunung Agung.
Tulamben is mainly known for the US Liberty wreck that lies close to the shore. The US Liberty is a cargo ship that was torpedoed in the Lombok Strait on the 11th January 1942 by the Japanese. She was towed by two destroyers towards the port of Singaraja but she was taking on too much water, so she was beached at Tulamben. Her cargo was salvaged by the local people. During the disastrous eruption of Mount Agung in 1963 she was pushed off the beach, broke in half and was left in her present position close to the shore of Tulamben. The stern is somewhat intact, the mid-ship section is all broken and the bow is again in pretty good shape. This wreck is a very popular dive site and it gets crowded around the middle of the day. Best stay over night in Tulamben itself and dive there early in the morning (better visibility, fewer people and perhaps you will see the resident large group of bumphead parrotfish). There are other dive sites in Tulamben that are also very nice and well worth a visit.
The beach of Tulamben is covered with large black pebbles that make it very difficult to walk with heavy gear without turning an ankle.
Paradise Reef (or patch reef) and the River: These two dive sites lie between the wreck and the drop off.
Tulamben Drop Off: about 500 m to the east of the wreck and close to the temple.
Batu Klebit: After a short boat trip you reach this dive site southeast of Tulamben beach. There are some rocks close to the shore, around which you can dive, and some large reefs a bit offshore.
Ahmed, Lipah, Kubu, Seraya
Kubu is a small fishing village in the north of Tulamben and can be reached by car in about 10 min from there. There are two dive sites, one in the north (or left) and the other in the south (or right).
Seraya: lies a short distance south of Tulamben. You dive just on the beach in front of the scuba Seraya resort.
There is more diving in Batu Niti which lies about half a kilometer to the east. Batu Niti is a volcanic ridge with a lava flow that drops into the sea.
Amed lies on the shore of Jemeluk bay (Teluk Cemeluk), only a few kilometer south of Tulamben. There are usually a lot of jukung (local fishing boat) lying on the shore which are worth looking at since they are often nicely painted.
Lipah Bay: lies approx. 3 kms southeast of Jemeluk. There is a small wreck of a steel freighter
Gili Selang
This small island lies at the very eastern tip of Bali between Tulamben and Padang Bai. Reached either from Ahmed (half hour in a small boat) or from Padang Bai (1 hour by speedboat) since the road there is quite bad. Gili Selang lies at an exposed position right in the currents that flow through Lombok Strait
Gili Selang: The island looks like it just broke away from the mainland.
Three fingers: lies approximately half a kilometer south of Gili Selang
Waterloo: this is a new dive site close to Biaha but on the mainland side

Scuba Seraya Resort


Just 3 km before the world renown dive destination Tulamben with it’s famed “Liberty” ship wreck on Bali North East coast, wedged between the sparkling water of beautiful, un-spoilt Muntig bay and the holy mountain, Gunung Agung, lies a cluster of luxurious Villas and Maisonettes. Scuba Seraya Resort sits amidst lush tropical and landscape on its private beach black volcanic sand. The Resort has been carefully designed with a sense of style. A picturesque peaceful heaven, with thatched roofs, teak wood furnishings, marble and natural stones from across the Indonesian archipelago, it conveys the serenity of a traditional village, yet it features all modern amenities. The Scuba Seraya Resort provides a tranquil vista in a beautiful setting for quiet relaxation.

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