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Tinabo Island Dive Resort Tinabo Island Resort, Taka Bonerate, IndonesiaTinabo Island Dive Resort is located in the heart of one of the richest place of marine biodiversity in the world, Taka Bonerate archipelago (Kepulauan Taka Bonerate), South Sulawesi province, Indonesia. It has everything that you are looking for if you are a sea-lover. Among those islands there, we chose Tinabo Island as our base to enjoy diving, snorkeling, or just lay down under the sun avoiding hustle and bustle modern life. Our island is a small beautiful island, with length around 1,5 kilometers and width 400 meters, surrounded by greenish blue crystal clear water and protected by several other un-inhabitant islands. All the beach surround is white sandy beach. For the crazy beginner and advance diver, this place offers abundance of possibilities; as the contour has wall, slope, and flat seabed. Each dive will give different level of experiences. For hardcore underwater photographer, dive spots around Tinabo Island offers many challenges, as the variety of objects are a lot and visibility most of the time is 30-50 meters, even more. Easily you can find one of rare critters like flatworms, nudibranches, shrimps, crocodile fish, turtles, cuttlefish, in almost every dive. Some times you can see also shark, eagle ray, manta ray, bump head passing by. We even have resident lobster, pipe fishes, and batfishes near the jetty. Star fish, Taka Bonerate, Indonesia Those beauties underwater sight are not only for scuba divers, as a lot of places has beautiful soft corals and colorful fishes moving around just only 1-5 meter from surface. This will be heaven place for a snorkeller as well. As we are the only human there, no other people outside us, some of our guests like to book the island privately to enjoy the nature there. Imagine that you can be together there with your big family, or with your close colleagues, or with your club members, ..you decide it!. You can enjoy the island, you yourself with your love ones. It will be a priceless moment. How to get There Transport Mode Basically you need to come to Makassar city first, transit at Selayar Island, then go to Tinabo Island at Taka Bonerate National Park. You can choose several options or combination of it as you can see in the picture below; by land transport, boat, or airplane. What if I come from other country ? From other country, the very close main and international airport to our place is Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport (IATA: UPG) at Makassar City, the city which formerly known as Ujung Pandang. It is in South Sulawesi province, in Indonesia. There are several ways to go to here: 1. By flight to Makassar City 2. By flight to Selayar Island After arrive at Makassar City, beside by land transport, you have option to take local flight to Selayar Island. Double check on below schedule, to consider whether you need to spend a night at Makassar before continue to Selayar Island. Twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday, there is flight from Makassar airport to Selayar Island, vice versa, run by Sabang Merauke Raya Air Charter (SMAC). They use small propeller aircraft for about 20 passengers. It takes around 50 minutes to go to airstrip at Selayar. On January 2010, it cost around USD 28 per passenger a way with 10 kg free bagage. Currently, ticket must be bought locally and settled locally at Makassar. As seats are limited, they always experience high demand on the reservation. Ticket reservation is recommended to be settled even 4 weeks before departure date. For your convenient purpose, we can help to arrange it. Please contact tinabo.island@gmail.com for this arrangement. As explained earlier, SMAC only gives service twice a week and has unique pattern of departure time. So if you want to take flight back from Tinabo Island after dive, bear in mind to consider your 24 hours no-fly-time before fly. 3. By land transport a. Car Driving For those of you who prefer to take land-transport, there is another choice to go to Tinabo Island. Driving your own car (or rental car) from Makassar City to Tanjung Bira, the last small town in Sulawesi mainland to Selayar Island, needs around 6-8 hours. The other reason for taking car is because of the journey itself. The sight is very beautiful, where you can see many interest things along the way, such as long beach, fisherman villages, boat makers villages, steppe, and salt maker villages. Arrived at Tanjung Bira, you go ahead directly to ferry port and buy the ticket to go to Selayar Island on the counter. Currently ferry departs to Selayar around 2 PM local time and take about 2 hours journey. As it only has one schedule per day (Selayar-Tanjung Bira on morning; Tanjung Bira-Selayar on afternoon), and if you don’t want to spend the night at Tanjung Bira, please be aware of the schedule, plan your trip from Makassar wisely. Anyway, Tanjung Bira is a nice place also, a lot of small motel there. People also like to hang out and dive around there. After arrived at ferry port at Selayar, you need another 1 hour to our jetty. The sight is extremely exotic, so tropical characteristic with array of coconuts tree beside the streets, interrupted temporarily by beaches, boats, and fishermen villages. About an hour drive you will reach Benteng City, the one and only city at Selayar Island. The jetty is located here as well. Another cheaper options is by using public bus from Makassar City to Benteng at Selayar. It takes around 12 hours, the same route as if you drive car. Interestingly, even though it takes long hour journey by land transport, there are many divers that like to choose it as well. It is because they want to maximize their diving time at Tinabo Island, so they can enjoy all the trip without limited by no-fly-time after dive. 4. By Boat After transit at Selayar, then you will be picked up by our boat to Tinabo Island. Trip will be 4 hours. So make sure you know what kind of of transport you will choose to go there. If you are still not sure how to choose, let us help you by contact our email. Additional Services: As for convenience for our guests, we usually arrange all the things since Makassar City to Tinabo Island, as many administrative stuff are handled locally and offline. It will save your time and money, so you can enjoy the trip peacefully. Later on, if you have any plan to go dive at Taka Bonerate, South Sulawesi, do not hesitate to contact us. Best Times Season In the area of Taka Bonerate we can dive all year around. However to get there from Makassar or Selayar by boat is best from around mid March until end of December. West monsoon season happens between end of December until mid March. During this time, usually the condition of the sea is a bit choppy, it is not so convenient to go by boat at that time. East monsoon season is around July-August. The best time is still between March until December, where sea surface most of the time is very smooth like mirror. When you like do night dive, sea surface will reflect the shine of moon nicely. Water current also considered mild to none. Some places always have current because of its geography, but in average dive-spots there is considered no current. However fish likes current, so some of the best dive spot definitely has current, at least mild. March until November is dry season for all Indonesia part, including Tinabo Island. Expect hot humid weather on the island, and always shield under the tree to avoid dehydration. However some times rain hard happened with a bit strong wind. Time Zone Indonesia has three time zones, Western Time Zone (Waktu Indonesia Barat – WIB), Central Time Zone (Waktu Indonesia Tengah – WITA), and Eastern Time Zone (Waktu Indonesia Timur – WIT). Tinabo Island is in Central Time Zone, which is UTC/GMT +8 hours. Dawn time is around 04:50-05:40 and dusk time is around 18:05 (on 2010). Dive Itinerary The most common itinerary that our guests chose are two: 8 Day 7 Night (8D 7N) or 4 Day 3 Night (4D 3N). It is because of the flight schedule from Makassar-Selayar-Makassar. Currently, there is only one airline serves this route and flies only two days in a week, Tuesday and Friday. There are no other flight on the other day. Please note that there is already flight from Denpasar-Selayar once a week, every Thursday. However, if you don’t have any plan to go by flight, by land transport for example, it will be up to you to arrange the date schedule. The constraint will only be the ferry schedule from Selayar to Sulawesi Island, but it’s twice a day morning and afternoon time. For non-divers, the same schedule is applicable as well. Kindly check more detail with our staff, via email. Facilities Currently we provide: Bedrooms – 2 rooms for twin sharing base (one big bed for two person). – 2 rooms for triple sharing base (one big bed for two person and 1 small bed for 1 person) – On those 4 rooms, there are still enough space to have extra bed if you want. – All the beds are spring bed. RATES; Type Diver Snorkeller Others Price / day USD 150 USD 70 USD 40 Component Accomodation Yes (spring bed, fan, cupboard) Bathroom Yes (sharing basis) Meals (1) 3 x Snack, softdrink No Dive / Snorkelling per day 3 x 3x by boat Not available Dive guide Yes Not available Boat for dive Yes Not available National Park Entry Fee Yes Dive tank, weight, belt Yes Not available Rental Dive Gear (2) rental basis Flight Makassar-Selayar-Makassar (3) Yes Underwater camera tank Yes Camera platform (4) Yes Boat Selayar – Tinabo – Selayar exclusive but arrangeable Accomodation at Selayar exclusive but arrangeable Land transport at Selayar exclusive but arrangeable Airport pickup at Makassar exclusive but arrangeable Land transport Makassar-Selayar exclusive but arrangeable Note: (1) or as scheduled in the itinerary (2) Rental gear is optional and charged per item on daily basis (3) For minimum 4 Day trip to Tinabo (inclusive (free bagage 10 kgs) (4) Special room, complete with 10 tables for SLR-underwater-camera-housing size and electric plug Bedrooms – 2 rooms for twin sharing base (one big bed for two person). – 2 rooms for triple sharing base (one big bed for two person and 1 small bed for 1 person) – On those 4 rooms, there are still enough space to have extra bed if you want. – All the beds are spring bed. Bedroom All rooms has fan. The interior is designed nicely so the flow of air circulation is very good all the time. Bathroom Bathroom are sharing basis. Communication There is no cell phone signal on the island. We do communication by using marine radio and citizen band (CB) radio. Scuba Diving Gear We have 8 full set of rental gear (BCD, mask, snorkel, fin, regulator, SPG). There is no rental underwater camera and dive-comp. Storage Room There is one big store room to put all of your diving-gear. Complete with some big buckets to put your underwater housing camera.


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