Tondano Lake, North Sulawesi


Tondano Lake is a large caldera lake in northern Sulawesi (Indonesia), best known as for its popular local recreation areas. Few know it is what is nowadays usually called a SUPERVOLCANO, similar to Yellowstone with a big difference: it is currently erupting. As Carl on VolcanoCafe in a brilliant article (s. below) points out, a single small earthquake at Yellowstone outperforms it in popularity.
Tondano produced a gigantic VEI8 (“supervolcano”) eruption about 2.5 to 2 million years ago and has remained active into the present. Today, Tondano has 4 active vents: the volcanoes Lokon-Empung, Mahawu, Sempu and Soputan.
These volcanoes were constructed on the margins of the caldera and act as pressure relief valves for the large volcanic system, thus preventing pressure and magma build-up that would be needed for any major eruption from the main vent (inside the lake) to be expected any time soon.
The youngest of these, Lokon-Empung and Soputan erupt at the same time, have tandem eruptions.

How to be there:
To be able to get to the tourist sites of this Tondano lake, from Sam Ratulangi Airport tourists went on a trip to the city of Manado. Arriving in the city of Manado, Tomohon proceed to the area. From Tomohon to this Tondano lake is about 3 miles or about 20 minutes away by private vehicle or by public transport.

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