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Togian Islands

Fadhila Cottages 

Fadhila Cottages has ten wooden bungalows with sundeck, set in a well maintained garden, surrounded by the sea. It does have running water, which is quite rare in the Togian islands. Here are pictures of the new bungalows taken by Marion, the young lady who made the video on the home page. Electricity runs from 6 pm till 9 pm, sometimes later. The older bungalows have an open air bathroom (protected by a wall) contiguous to each bungalow. The hotel includes a restaurant and living rooms under a large wooden roof, offering a wonderful 360° view The accommodation comes with three meals a day (full board). It’s quite logical and useful, as there’s no restaurant around. Food is abundant. You can help yourself with coffee and tea all day long for free. One of the interests of the hotel is to offer several places and several ambiances to relax and enjoy the moment. Fadhila Cottages also has a stock of books (in french, english, german, etc.) and you can proceed to book exchanges. You’ll be warmly welcomed and the whole staff will make its best for you to enjoy your stay. For instance, they have been of great help in getting us the boat ticket to Gorontalo. How to book? By e-mail: Except in July and August, Fadhila Cottages is never full and booking is not necessary during the low season. Even in summer, you can try to go without booking. You’ll never sleep outside. You can always find a room in the village of Katupat, or in Bolilangga Cottages. The owner (Jafar) mobile phone: (00 62) 8 134 117 9990

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