Timang Beach, Yogyakarta, Java


Timang beach located in Padukuhan Danggolo, Purwodadi, District Tepus, presenting Nan White Sand Beach Gunung Kidul. The beach is located on the west coast Nglambor, beach Jogan, and Siung or in the east parallel to the coast Chrysanthemum, Single Pok beach, beach Ngetun. Distance from the City Wonosari to timang beach approximately 35 km.

Perhaps, this time not many people know this Timang beach, There are many reasons why timang beach not widely known or even unknown. One of them may be due to find this beach alone is quite difficult. If we come from Wonosari, we have to down Jl Baron. After arriving at the junction Mulo, we must turn to the left, to the road leading to Siung beach. Prior to Siung beach, we will find Dakbong Market. Of this market, we have to ask the locals because there is no signpost towards timang beach. While the road to timang beach is not a paved road smoothly. The road that must be passed is approximately 5 km along the road that will probably be of interest to fans of off road

Cable Car sensation in Timang beach
Then if Timang beach is very difficult to reach, for what we go there? There is an experience Extreme will be offered by Timang beach when you visit there, your guts will be tested by climbing Gondola Timang beach, hanging rail traditional, where you will ride this cable car, pulled manpower from timang beach to a small island in the middle of the sea named Watu Panjang Island, and feel the sensation of flying, hovering and hit the waves. The cable car is not as modern as the trains hanging in the capital, the cable car is made with ingredients that are very simple with wood and rope or mines as connecting, be advised only if used sling iron, then sling the iron will quickly destroyed by sea water. Actually, this is not a cable car facilities provided for tourists because it is used for fishermen who want to cross over to the rocks to fishing lobster and resold or consumed itself.
Watu Panjang Island seen from Coral timang beach
To be able to ride the cable car, you are required to pay. Initially, this cable car can be driven for free. However, after a lot of tourists who come to this beach to try this cable car, the fishermen took the initiative to set tariffs to supplement their income. The fee was quite pretty expensive (Rp. 200,000 according to some locals), knowing only, not easy pull someone in a cable car with manual labor, required a great power and special expertise. However, the experience that you feel is comparable to the price you pay.
And you should know, timang beach Yogyakarta itself is not a beach commercially opened, so do not be surprised if you can not find any facilities there, and without any admission, so if you want to visit there, prepare lunch from home before heading to the beach Buckle.

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