The Salt, Garam in Bali

The Salt, Garam in Bali

Salt is cheap in the Netherlands.
Below the ground, in Boekelo, in Twente,
lies a thick layer of salt,
hard to imagine how vast.
Steam is pumped into this
and the saltwater automatically floats to the surface.
That’s it.
Seawater consists of various salts in a fluid state.
One liter holds roughly 35 grams of salts:
• 24 grams sodium chloride,
• 5 grams magnesium chloride,
• 4 grams sodium sulphate,
• 0.7 grams calcium chloride,
• 0.8 grams magnesium bromide.
Because of this structure, sea salt tastes different
from kitchen salt,
which consists mainly of sodium chloride.
It is called: stone salt ( petrified sea salt )
and, in spite of what all health freaks think,
it is healthier than sea salt, because the oceans ,
million of years ago,
were still virginally clean, which is , nowadays,
not completely the case.
To prevent goiter, iodide is usually added.



Here, there are no petrified inland seas
and the salt has to be won from the sea.
Seawater contains 3,5 % salt,
so in each liter 35 grams;
in a ten liter bucket : 350 grams;
in two buckets : 700 grams.
Thus, a man can scoop that much out of the sea,
at one go, every day,
his whole life long.
Each and every day,
again and again…








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