Ternate, Legu Gam

Legu Gam, Ternate



Carrying the theme “Aroma of Spice on the Silk Route”, the Legu Gam Festival is aimed to preserve the Ternate’s local culture of Maloku Rie Raha adhered to by its 29 tribes. Legu Gam will also display the island’s main products to attract investments.

The Tidore Festival will be filled with songs and dances and competitions, including presentations of local cuisine.  

The two small islands of Ternate and Tidore , located next to the larger island of Halmahera were, in fact, once the original SpiceIslands, the only islands in the world that at that time produced cloves and nutmeg.

Indian and Chinese merchant ships used to call on these islands to load the precious cargo and ship these to their homelands as well as to the Middle East, where Arab merchants would carry them across the deserts and the seas to Europe. In Europe the spices fetched exhorbitant prices.

When in the 16th century the Europeans themselves finally discovered the islands, both Ternate and Tidore were already ruled each by a powerful Sultan, whose influence spread to Sulawesi and Papua. To retain this influence a rivaly between the two sultanates was inevitable. Although at the time, Ternate and Tidore kept fighting one another, it seems that in today’s world, this “rivalry” still continues but is more positively aimed at increasing the welfare of the inhabitants through festivals and to boost tourism.          

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