Teluk Jakarta , Jakarta, Java


sunset at Teluk Jakarta

Teluk Jakarta or Jakarta Bay is a bay north of North Jakarta city. Teluk Jakarta  is known as the Thousand Islands region became a part of him. One of the tourist attractions in Jakarta this beach is a load off fatigue and after days of work. Some choice of tourist activities in the Gulf of Jakarta, for example, rent a boat (boat) in Ancol pier or boat fisherman in Teluk Gong in Tangerang for round and around the islands scattered in the Thousand Islands.

Jakarta Bay is located between 106.40 and 1070, longitude. Jakarta Bay is protected by small islands types of coral islands, because there are many called the Thousand Islands. Geographical boundaries Jakarta Bay on the west by the Tanjung Pasir, east erbatasan with Cape Falkirk, and in the north bordering the outer part Thousand Islands. Administratively included in West Jakarta and East Jakarta.

The bay was formed as a result of menjoroknya Cape Falkirk in the east, and Tanjung Kait in the west, to the Java Sea. Greatest width of the mouth of the bay is 40 kilometers, while the perpendicular distance from the Cape Karachi to Jakarta plains more than 15 kilometers. This bay is located in Tanjung Priok, the largest port in Indonesia, which also became the center of export and import activities. In the west of Tanjung Priok is Sunda Kelapa, Fish Market which supplies fish to the rest of Jakarta. Sunda Kelapa harbor is also a center sailboat Prinsi and Lambo. Marunda, fishing village, located next door.

In the middle of Jakarta Bay, Ciliwung River empties. The river brings with city dwellers, a source of waste water pollution in Jakarta Bay. Although the level of pollution has not reached the level of harm, in the long run it is feared would endanger the surrounding population. In front of Jakarta Bay is located several small islands that habitat. Within a distance of 5-75 km from the coast, lies the cluster of the Thousand Islands.

Limit mainland Jakarta Bay include: West limited by Cisadane deltaic plains and limit Jakarta Bay; Restricted East Bekasi River and delta Citarum form anyway. Based on the deposition of mud on the beach, then the soil plains Jakarta Bay 5,000 years ago. Rivers such as the Ciliwung, Angke, Marunda time, Cisadane, Bekasi and Citarum all located in areas that make up the Jakarta Bay, which is attractive as a place to stay. Relations between Jakarta Bay coastal communities with rural areas in Bogor is possible to use the waters of these rivers. In Kelapa Dua, edge Ciliwung River itself are found former iron foundry that might be expected that the place-the New Stone Age onwards occupied by metal contemporary society.

Alluvial plains of Jakarta and surrounding areas occur due to siltation of the mountainous area that brought Cisadane, Ciliwung, Bekasi etc. Deposition of the fan-shaped debris Bogor consisting of volcanic materials originating from volcanoes Pangrango, Gede and Salak. The precipitate is spread out like a fan debris to the north, forming water delivery trending like Cisadane flows westward and eastward Bekasi. Mud that brought water to the face of the deposition of debris oneself is not how many, thus gradually forming Jakarta Bay.

You can stop in the islands, such as Scout Island, Angel Island, and other islands. In this Jakarta Bay tourist area, available cottages that you can rent as a resting place to enjoy the sea breeze sepoinya Jakarta, playing in the shallow sea bay, even diving to see the coral reefs in Jakarta Bay. This Jakata Gulf tourist destination favored by many tourists because it has become a place to relax, breathe fresh air, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Of course such things are difficult to find in the city of Jakarta.

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