Teleng Ria Beach, Pacitan

East Java, Teleng Ria Beach, Pacitan

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Geographically, Pacitan districts located in the southern coast of Java island and borders the province of Central Java. To ease the way to the district Pacitan, you can depart from Yogyakarta, the province of Yogyakarta Special Region. From Yogyakarta to the district Pacitan only takes approximately 3 hours drive. To go Pacitan districts, you can use the travel, public buses or private vehicles from Yogyakarta. Arriving in Pacitan district, you can directly go to Pantai Ria pupil. If using a private vehicle or travel, the beach is located about 3 kilometers from downtown. From the square in downtown Pacitan, only took about 10 minutes away. If using public buses, you can directly go to the terminal Pacitan. From the terminal Pacitan, Ria teleng Beach location can be reached by using public transportation Prengkuku majors.

Ria teleng Beach is a beach-shaped bay or bay shore. This beach is located in the Gunung Kidul. First set foot on the Beach teleng Ria, cool mountain air can you feel the South has. When you are standing on the beach, you can see the limestone mountain range located on the right side-left coast. Ituah mountain breeze that makes the air around the beach was cool, even though the sun at noon looked so hot.

As far as the eye could see, you can see the open sea with waves that appear wavy. Ria teleng Beach is a beach that borders the South Indian Ocean. When high tides, waves at this beach looks bumpy. For lovers of surf, waves tides that is often anticipated. With a wave of sea water, they can feel the challenge of surfing during the day.
In the region of Indonesia’s marine waters, the sea South coast synonymous with big waves and high sea water discharge. Although teleng Ria Coast including the coastal areas of South, the waves on the beach is relatively small. For surfers beginner stage, gradient waves that often become their main purpose to visit the beach teleng Ria. Interested to learn to surf? This beach can be your next destination. For the sake of convenience when surfing, team managers safety from teleng Ria Beach ready to help you.

Interested to surround the edge of pupil Ria Beach, you can walk or ride a horse. The rental price atu horses to surround the coast ranged from 20 thousand to 1 hour. Charm Beach teleng Ria can be seen more clearly, when you see it from afar. To find the attraction, you can sail out to sea teleng Ria using a motor boat or sailboat that has been available. The rent, ranging from 15 thousand per 30 minutes for a sailboat and 25 thousand per 30 minutes for the boat motor. But for the sake of safety while in the middle of the sea, it is recommended that you do not sail alone, but with a sailboat owner or keeper of the boat.

When the holiday season arrives, Cote teleng Ria crowded tourists from different regions. Even an online source of writing, every mid-year, surfers from Australia and Switzerland had come to Pacitan to enjoy the waves at this beach. If visiting this beach is around June to August, you can see from near sea jellyfish purple. If lucky, you can see a bunch of purple jellyfish are being migrated from the Indian Ocean to the Beach

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