Tegenungan Waterfall, Sukawati

Tegenungan Waterfall, Sukawati


There is a waterfall on the way from Ubud to Kuta, its a small village, very quiet but the infrastructure is not quiet good to reach the waterfall. actually its a very nice place to stay because the water so fresh and like many other Balinese river they always clean as water is a symbol of purification in their tradition also. there are small warung offering water and snack and soda drink as well as cold bintang beer after your long walking to the waterfall. the stairs is made from cement and its slippery when wet so take a good care since Bali is topical and very humid so many moss in the step of the stairs also.

This lovely waterfall in the Petanu river is located in Tegenungan close to Kemenuh, 7 km southwest of Gianyar city. The waterfall has a height of about 30 meters. It is not frequently visited in spite of it’s close distance to most of the tourist centers on South Bali. The place can be hard to find on your own, if you arrive from the south drive the main road to Gianyar city, turn right at the “baby monument” (see Gianyar), and then right again in Kemenuh.

The sign can be hard to see, look for Waterfall/Bungee Jump. On the east side of the river is a small temple, Pura Beju. A stairway leads down to the water where it is possible to take a swim in the artificial pool below the waterfall. If you arrive from west you have access to a restaurant at the top of the hill, with stairs leading down to the water.

For the locals the waterfall is also known as Srog Srogan. The area is beautiful with rice fields, dense forest and the river at the bottom of the valley. If you are brave enough you can do a bungee jump from a 50 meter high tower, or you can just simply enjoy the nice scenery. To take a bath here is said to have healing effects, this of course works best on a night with full moon.

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