-Central Sulawesi Tando Bone bungalow resort at Lake Poso

Tando Bone bungalow resort at Lake Poso



The resort is located on the eastern shores of beautiful Lake Poso; the pure and enchanting highland lake amidst the sloping hills and primary rainforest of Central Sulawesi. Tando Bone is reached by boat from Tentena in half an hour. The Tando Bone-site is 1,5 hours from Poso at the ‘Gulf of Tomini’, 6 hours from Palu, 5 hours from the National Park Lore Lindu and 10 hours from RantePao in Tanah Toraja (that is, with public transport; the region can more comfortably and easier be explored by rental car). Bungalows Bungalows can be rented for 1 day up to one year. The bungalows are fully furnished and self-contained with kitchen, toilet and shower facilities. For more information see ‘Bungalows’. Sulawesi serpent eagleTando Bone is located right at the edge of Lake Poso, a highland lake in Central Sulawesi. Experts consider it to have the second purest water in the world! At 515 meters altitude the 37 kilometers long and 13 kilometers wide (at its widest point, that is) fresh water lake is bounded by steeply sloping mountains on the west and the gentle hills of the east-side where Tando Bone lies. Dense, primary rainforest and lush plantations of cloves and coffee with in between a dozen villages. Sensational and unexplorered wildlife, Lake Poso and its surrounding area offer an overwhelming beauty and tranquility. Nearby attractions include the Lore Lindu National park, The Western Highlands, the Bada Valley with its mysterious megaliths, caves in and around Tentena and a splendid Orchid reserve.

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