Talae, Fettor Ekrest Saudale

Talae, Fettor Ekrest Saudale

Ekrest Saudale is only a temporary-chief ruling dynasty after death of older brother. Talae, Fettor Ekrest Saudale

Like much Saudale’s od this hard working dynasty he is living outside. But this year he will come back.

The actual eligible person to monarch title is the young and on Java living Raja Muda Roy Saudale, whose wife Frederika Saudale-Raharsi was the first Rote royal (with sister of her husband Lucy Theuer-Saudale from Switzerland) to attend the national Indonesian Royal Festival (september 2004 Yogyakarta).

Another royal from this dynasty ;the colonial official Jakob Saudale (working in Kefamenanu/North Central Timor) was with very big bravery acting continuously against the Japanese occupation. An example for much free souls now and then.

So here you can see,how royals from a relative little principality can act in life as very great persons. Thanks to God.

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