Sumbawa, Tanjung Pasir Beach

Sumbawa, Tanjung Pasir Beach


Tanjung Pasir Beach is the ultimate goal of our adventures on the island of Moyo, Sumbawa. When viewed on a map, is located on the southeastern coast of the island of Moyo, in other words the closest point to the island of Sumbawa. If we went straight to the point of Sumbawa it just took 15 minutes using a small motor boats owned by fishermen.

We arrived at the pier Amanwana Resort. Not as I expected, I initially thought it was in front of the pier Amanwana hotel, but it turns out the location of the hotel is still a long way. The hotel management was implemented strict regulations in order to maintain a status of “Private Hotel”. Even employees Amanwana to the hotel was willing to go down through this dock, later picked up the new hotel by car.

After being photographed, we went to the Tanjung Pasir using a fairly large ship. After an hour’s drive north, we finally arrived at Tanjung Pasir. Because the location is hidden in the eastern island of Moyo, so that the waves are relatively calm. Contrary to the situation with water in Labuan Aji is very fierce waves, as a result of westerly winds.


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