Sumbawa, Kenawa Island

Sumbawa, Kenawa Island


Quiet, calm and peaceful. That was my first impression, once set foot on the island Kenawa. There was no birds singing, sound waves are also not great. Only the occasional sound of small ripples on the beach. As far as the eye could see, there was only a stretch of grassland, a number of blank bale (gazebo), and a small hill at the end of the island. It’s really a perfect place to “retreat” to calm down

Kenawa island located in the northwest of the island of Sumbawa, precisely in the Alas Strait, not far from the harbor crossing Poto Tano, West Sumbawa. Administratively, this small island to the rest of the village of Poto Tano, Poto Tano District, West Sumbawa regency, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). To reach the island Kenawa, my friend and rent a fishing boat from the village of Poto Tano, takes about 15 minutes.

Kenawa island has stunning natural scenery. The combination of natural hills, grasslands (savanna), a stretch of white sandy beaches and ocean water blue-green shades, made of natural Kenawa island is so beautiful and impressive. Fun again, the island area of ??13.8 hectares is uninhabited and has not been visited by many tourists, so it was very quiet. When we visited there, there is no other visitors besides us. So we are free to do anything according to our will. It’s really like a private island.

The first activity we did on the island Kenawa is walking around the island taking pictures of every corner of this lovely little island. For photography enthusiasts, Kenawa Island is paradise. Every corner of this island so attractive. Small hills, extensive grasslands, and white sandy beaches are some of the object image that must be enshrined in Kenawa Island. To get a more charming panorama, I climbed a tower which was not far from the dock. I have taken the trouble and extra careful climbing stairs of the tower because the tower was damaged. Fortunately, my business is not in vain. From the top of the tower that is not how high it is, I can see the stunning panorama Kenawa island, ranging from the pasture, turquoise sea, the island of Sumbawa to the small islands around Pulau Kenawa. Unrelenting my index finger pressed the shutter button the camera for a panoramic view of nature is truly captivating.

Completed around the island, I rushed to the dock for snorkeling. Since my arrival, crystal clear sea water around the island Kenawa been calling me for immediate nyemplung. I immediately put on a mask and frog legs (fins) which I brought from home. To be able to snorkel on the island Kenawa, we have to bring equipment from home for good snorkeling on the island of Poto Tano and in no place Kenawa Rental snorkeling equipment. Once I swam a few meters from the beach, the island of enchantment Kenawa began to show me underwater. With snorkeling, I could see the beautiful variety of colorful coral reefs, both hard corals (hard corals) and soft corals (soft corals). Start of table corals (Acropora sp.), Brain coral (Diploria labyrinthiformis), cabbage coral (Montipora sp.) To different types of anemones spread out before me. Hundreds of species of fish of all shapes and sizes are also milling around me. Starfish? No need question about it. Huge numbers, especially the blue starfish (Linckia laevigata). My eyes really spoiled by the beauty of the underwater Kenawa Island.

Finished snorkeling, I climbed the hill at the end of the island Kenawa. Said Mr. Abdul Gani (boat captain), the view from the top of the hill is very beautiful and I can see the whole island Kenawa. The sun is shining bright and the absence of large trees that grew on the island is made very hot. But I ignored it. I keep running up the hill despite the sweat pouring. All the effort and struggle paid off when I reached the top of the hill. Incredible scenery beautiful lies in front of me. All parts of the island Kenawa can be seen from this hilltop. Not to forget the turquoise seas and small islands around Pulau Kenawa. Mount Rinjani on Lombok island also appears standing over. Apparently, what Mr. Abdul Gani, is true. And as usual, I had to capture the stunning panorama of the island Kenawa with my favorite camera.

Before the boat arrived to pick up, once again I was snorkeling at the beach. I am not satisfied explore underwater Kenawa Island snorkeling though this morning was quite a long time. Anyway, while still being on the island Kenawa, I am satisfied-puasin snorkeling there. When else can snorkel in the ocean with spectacular marine life and ocean depths only reached one to two meters.

Promptly at 13:00 PST, Mr. Rahman boat (his son Mr. Abdul Gani) arrived to pick up. It was very hard to leave this beautiful, petite island. Kenawa island really captivated me. My heart stays in Kenawa Island and Kenawa Island stays in my heart.

Getting There
To reach the island Kenawa, you should first fly to Mataram, the capital of West Nusa Tenggara Province. Of Mataram, continue during the two-hour road trip to the Port of Heaven, East Lombok. You can ride public transportation or rent a car from Mataram to the Port of Heaven. Next, you just ride the ferry to the Port of Poto Tano, Sumbawa in one and a half to two hours. Of Poto Tano harbor, you can ride a motorcycle taxi or walk to the village of Poto Tano and rent boats from local fishermen. The journey from the village of Poto Tano Kenawa the island is only about 15 minutes. (edyra)

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