Sumba, Rende-Rambu Juliana

Sumba, Rende-Rambu Juliana


Jean Howe said…

Probably my most vividSumba,  Rende, Rambu Juliana memory from this year was from Sumba.

In November we attended the funeral ceremony of the late Queen of Rindi, Tamu Rambu Yuliana. We shot thirteen hours of digital video footage which I am working through to create edits for their archive and our use at the Threads of Life gallery.

William, Lolet, Pung and I were invited to document the event by Yuliana’s heirs, Tamu Rambu Hamu Eti and Umbu Kanabu Ndaung, who produce exquisite Sumbanese weavings for Threads of Life.

In contrast to Yuliana’s very secretive court, Umbu and Rambu Eti wish to create a more open society capable of maintaining the traditional culture within a modern context.

They are faced with a very interesting challenge and are eager to connect with other communities facing similar obstacles.

We at Threads of Life are excited to be a part of facilitating such inter-island dialogue.

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