Sumba Manggudu Island Resort

Sumba Island

The Manggudu Island Resort

-Mr. David’s is an onshore resort on the south coast.
-Manggudu Island resort lays at a small uninhabited island of off the southernmost tip of Sumba.
Both resorts are similar in their facilities and way of service.

The island of Manggudu is a small beautiful tropical island which sits near the edge of deep water trenches.
There you can enjoy the nature in many ways. A white sandy beach circles the island, which you can walk around in a short time and with a little luck see turtle hatchlings scurry out to sea. Turtle tracks are often found, as sea turtles come here to lay eggs.
In the centre of the island is a small dense forest, home to numerous species of birds. Sea eagles and other birds work the large schools of fish. The marine life is easily experienced by snorkelling along the coral reefs or fishing in deeper water.

Facilities at resorts: * Bungalow accommodation for 12 guests at Mr. David’s resort and 8 at Manggudu Island
* Western kitchen serving a wide variety of dishes
* Small library and bar
* Satellite- TV (Mr. David’s)

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