Sumatra, Tong Tong Fair, The Haque, Netherlands 2012

Sumatra, Tong Tong Fair, The Haque,  Netherlands 2012

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The Tong Tong Fair (formerly known as Pasar Malam Besar) is the largest festival in the world for Indo (European-Indonesian) culture, held annually in The Netherlands. In 2009 it was renamed to ‘Tong Tong Fair’. Established in 1959 it is one of the oldest festivals and the fourth largest grand fair in The Netherlands. It is also the annual event with the highest number of paying visitors of the Dutch city of The Hague, having consistently attracted more than 100,000 visitors since 1993.

The name ‘Pasar Malam Besar’ is derived from the Indonesian/Malay language and literally means ‘Great Night Market’. The new name was chosen to emphasise its link with the ‘Tong Tong Foundation’ and its cultural mission. Another reason was to distinguish oneself from the many other fairs under the name pasar malam.

Every summer the ‘Tong Tong Fair’ formerly known as the ‘Pasar Malam Besar’ is raised on its dedicated fairground, called the ‘Malieveld’, close to the central train station of The Hague. 22.000 m² of festival terrain and many, mostly Indo, volunteers will facilitate visitors from both the Netherlands and abroad. The festival hosts three popular food courts, a culinary theatre, many large to medium stages for performance art, workshop areas, areas for lecture and interviews, market areas, as well as specific fair areas for trading merchandise.

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