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In the west part of Indonesia, Es Campur (Mixed Shaved Ice) is a popular shaved ice dessert while the Manadonese has es brenebon (red kidney bean and cocoa with shaved ice). Moreover, the Malaysian has ais kacang; Singaporean with Air Batu Campur (ABC) and Filipino has halo-halo.  Don’t we love shaved ice so much.

The reason why I made my own chocolate syrup and chocolate condensed milk was for this dessert, Es Brenebon, the Manadonese favourite iced.

You may notice that I have been making some Manadonese recipes lately. First and foremost, there are not many East Indonesian recipes in English. Most Indonesian recipes in English are Sumatran, Javanese, Balinese which are part of West Java, even though Bali is not quite the West part. I’d like to make this blog as my personal archive as well as sharing for other people especially non Indonesian.

Compare to Es Campur, Es Brenebon is easier to make. In this recipe, I didn’t use shaved ice. Instead, I added crushed ice.

This cold dessert is perfect for iftar especially for Muslims who live in Northern hemisphere. It’s quite hot here. Also, this recipe was sent for Joy From Fasting To Feasting (season-III), hosted by Lubna Karim. Have a good the rest of Ramadan.

Es Brenebon
– Manadonese Red Kidney Bean and Cocoa with Shaved Ice –
recipe by Tabloid Nova, translated and modified by me

200 g red kidney beans, soak for 3 hours (I soaked them over night)
1L water
3 cm cinnamon stick

Cocoa Syrup
225 g sugar (original used 250 g)
300 mL water
1 tsp chocolate paste (I substituted for 50 – 75g dark chocolate 70%, chopped)

Other Complements:
150 g chocolate condensed milk, for drizzling
shaved/crushed ice

1. In a pot, add water, soaked red kidney beans and cinnamon stick. Cook until tender but not mushy. Drain and set aside.
2. Cocoa syrup: Mix the syrup ingredients. Bring to boil and set aside.
3. In dessert glasses, pour the cocoa syrup in. Place the beans and shaved ice . Drizzle the chocolate condensed milk over and served.

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