Sulawesi Central, Togian Islands, Kadidiri Paradise Dive Resort

Sulawesi Central, Togian Islands, Kadidiri Paradise Dive Resort


Paradise Diving School is the first diving school in Togean Islands. Fully equipped with diving gears and diving boats to bring you to exotic diving sites.
Our friendly PADI certified diving instructor will attend to your need for diving.

Category No. of dives Duration Price
Daily Fun Dive
(for Certified Divers)
1-4 Dives €25 / US$37
5-9 Dives €20 / US$30
10th Dive Free
Scuba Review 1 Dive Half a day €40
Discover Scuba Diving 1 Dive Half a day €40
Courses (PADI)
Open Water 4 Dives 3-4 Days €340
Advanced 5 Dives 2 Days €250
Rescue   4 Days €360
Dive Master   Unlimited €600

Enjoy diving around Kadidiri with comfortable water temperature and pristine water. Most dive sites are in easy reach. Una Una, the active vulcano, is a destination for a full day-trip

B-24 bomber plane wreck
It takes about one hour to reach the site. The plane is in good condition, the wings with one propeller and the tail still intact and the two barrels of the turret gun on top are still in place. The wreck is covered with soft coral and hosts many shrimps, nudibranchs, lots of lion fish and also a huge school of jackfish.

The Gap
A Coral Slope with a good variety of coral and many school of fish. This is often a drift dive. You may see eagle rays, tunas and barracudas.

The Crack
Offers a good place to watch sharks in the deep. Swim across Mini Canyon – a dive site on its own – to a large rock, which split in the middle. The dive continues through the rock and ends in 51 m. This is no dive for beginners.

Dominique Rock
The dive leads between rocks in front of Taipi wall to the huge Dominique Rock. Under an overhang in about 40 m you usually meet a school of big jacks. The top of the rock is covered with whip coral and gorgonian fans. Also a rather deep dive for experienced divers.

A labyrinth of rocks on a sandy bottom provides beautiful underwater scenery. The dive ends on a coral garden. This is an easy dive

Batu Gila
A deep, current swept ridge where sightings of sharks, rays, tuna & barracuda are common. The scalloped Hammerhead sometimes pays a visit here too.

Una Una
One of the best site in togian island and home for Huge schools of fish and many turtles and even a manta ray.

Pasir Tengah
One of the togians atolls, plunging from the surface to around 400m. The coral covered walls here are spectacular and there is normal plenty of action away from the reef as well.

Kadidiri House Reef
This reef is nice for night dives where you can find ghost pipe fishes here and other small critters.

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