Spekkuk, layer cake

Spekkuk, layer cake

Spekkuk (layer cake)Spekkuk
A delicious Indian cakes.


100-150 g flour
11-12 eggs
400 g butter
2 sachets of vanilla sugar
salt to taste
250 g caster sugar (white)
8 tsp. cinnamon
2 tsp. anise
2 1/2 theel.gemalen cloves (clove powder is easier)
2 tsp. cardamom powder (available at the supermarket or at the shop)
2 tsp. nutmeg

The butter to be soft (certainly not completely melt)
separating eggs
protein knock
natural herbs you already prepare
Grease the pan well … the edges
and the oven at 110-140 C for heating.


Of the butter make a fine, creamy mass with the aid of a mixer. When the butter has become a fine paste, add the sugar, a little salt and vanilla sugar added.

While you’re stirring well with a spoon, do it very slowly on the yolks.

Then very carefully add the beaten egg whites but … bit by bit. If the protein you’ve done there, and then slowly stir the flour do. However, keep stirring!

When the batter is smooth slightly now, we’re going to separate into two different bowls. A batter with herbs in it and all the other hardware without the herbs.

So you get a batter for the brown layers …. and a herd of white coats.

Start with a white layer in a baking pan, but be careful … very little.
4 minutes in the oven at 100-140 degrees (grillstand!!) (Time depends on oven) The layer should not be burnt. Caution … that really cooked.

After 4 min next layer (brown) should do. and so continue (layer on layer) until the batter is. Finish it with a brown layer. Tip: If you are a new layer of batter on the fried layer does, you can very beautiful and thin spread with a spoon, so your “real” gets pretty thin layers.

When the last layer on so, you can cook the cake a little at 100 degrees normal position.

If you spekkoek ready then remove the pan and let cool about 5 minutes (layer cake still in the baking tin).

After those 5 minutes your new delicacy to cool down further without jumping form.

Serve in very thin slices … This is surely as great good.

Note: If you would like the layer cake in green have, put a tablespoon pandan paste (available at the shop) in the white batter.

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