South Sumatra, Rawas River

Rawas River

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Rawas River is a river in Southern Sumatra, Indonesia.[1] It is a tributary of the Musi River.

Originally Musi Rawas included in Palembang keriesidenan region ( 1825-1966 ) . It is preceded by the fall of the Sultanate of Palembang and resistance Teak Fortress and Six Pasirah Pasemah width of government into the hands of the Dutch . Since that time the Dutch held da preparation of government expansion to the pit area of Palembang who successfully mastered . The system used is deconcentration . Then the residency of Palembang divided into defi target ( Cambodgien ) , namely :

    Cambodgien BanguAsin en Kubustreken , capital of Palembang .
    Cambodgien Palembangsche Beneden Landen , capital Balfour .
    Cambodgien Palembangsche Boven Landen , Lahat capital .

Cambodgien Palembangsche Boven Landen divided into several Onder Cambodgien ( Oafd ) :

    Oafd Lematang Ulu , Lahat capital .
    Land Oafd Pasemah , capital Bandar .
    Oafd Lematang Ilir , Muara Enim capital .
    High Cliff Oafd Four Lawang , High Cliff capital .
    Oafd Musi Ulu , capital Beliti Estuary .
    Oafd Rawas capital Surulangun Rawas .

Each Cambodgien headed by the Resident Asistent membawahai Onder Cambodgien headed Controleur ( Controller ) . Each Onder Onder Distric Cambodgien also oversees the Demat as leaders. Musi Rawas is at Cambodgien Palembangsche Boven Landen .

In 1907 , Onder Beliti and Muara Muara Distric Kelingi integrated into one Onder Onder Cambodgien Cambodgien the Ulu Musi . In 1933, the railway network Palembang Lahat Lubuk Linggau ( made ​​between 1928-1933 ) opened the Dutch government . This causes Oafd Capital moved Musi Ulu , Muara Beliti to Lubuk Linggau , which became the forerunner of the capital of Musi Rawas .

On February 17, 1942 , the Japanese occupied the city Lubuk Linggau and Chief Musi Ulu Oafd Controleur De Mey and aspirant Controleur his Ten Kate handed to Japan on April 20, 1943. Japan held the post of da agency changes into Japanese . The change that is the starting point of Musi Rawas Anniversary . Major changes include:

Onder Cambodgien replaced with the name of Ulu Musi Musi We headed Gunce Gun ( Guntuyo ) . While Oafd Rawas changed to Rawas Gun .

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