South Sulawesi, Mamasa River

Mamasa River

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Welcome to


the smiling mountain area; the interesting white water rafting; the unique culture;

fully of endless attractions

It a great pleasure to welcome you to the smiling mountain area; the interesting white water rafting of Mamasa river; the unique culture; the fully of endless atractions; the most interesting adventure trekking tours area in the heart of Indonesia. This is a special-tourism guide to Mamasa regency, offers you some information regarding the various places of interest.

Mamasa town itself as the capital of Mamasa regncy lies 1.050 meters above sea level with the average air temperatures between 15 to 18 Celsius degrees in the evening and between 20 to 35 Celsius degrees in the day time. Mamasa regency altitude between 600 meters to 2000 meters above sea level and the mountains in this are between 2500 to 3000 meters above sea level. This features make Mamasa regency an attractive destination for visitors (tourists) especially for adventure trekking tours.

There are eight natural hot springs around Mamasa town; several waterfalls in the lovely valley of Mamasa; rivers for white water rafting; valleys-hillys-naturel forests for adventure trekking; the interesting flora and fauna around this area. “Mamasa” word derives from the Mamasanese word “mamase”, but when the Dutch colonial reached Mamasa in 1907, they changed to “mamasa”.

According to the local history of Mamasa, long ago when this valley was forest, many people came from the outside to hunt and fish. It had several local wild animals in the forest and local fishes in the rivers. Hunters and fishermen who came to the valley were alaways lucky to find these kind of wild animals and fishes. Finally, the hunters and fishermen gave a special name to the valley which, in the Mamasanese language, means “love charm” or “lovely valley” and still popular until nowadays as “Mamasa”.

Mamasanese still practice their traditional ancestral religion called “Ada’ Mappurondo” or “Aluk Tomatua”. The noble corpse and reach one is still preserved on the house for a minimum of one year. It also involves the ritual offering of some animals in those ceremonies.

In the former time, this area also famous for its expert magician. The local people could order the dead bodies to walk home. They believed that all the dead bodies of a family or a clan should be in the same place in the life after, causing them togather their dead bodies into one place.

Typical Mamasanese houses and rice barns especially in the north and east part of this regency are similar in shape to a ship. The people believe that their ancestors came from the sea by ship/boat and travelled up the river then stranded there.

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