South Sulawesi, Jeneberang River

Jeneberang River


The Jeneberang (Indonesian: Sungai Jeneberang) is a river of approximately 75 km in length in the southwestern half of the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia.[1] The catchment has an area of 760 square kilometers.[1]

The river rises near the 2833 meter high mountain Mount Bawakaraeng and runs through the districts of Gowa and Takalar up to the port city of Makassar, flowing into the Makassar Strait.[1] The river has flooded the city regularly, notably in 1976.[1]

Approximately 40 km downstream is located is the 73 metre high Bili-Bili Dam, completed in 1999 with an internal volume of 380 million cubic meters.[1]

On 26 March 2004 a landslide occurred in the upper reaches of the Jeneberang, killing 32 people.[2]

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