South Kalimantan Tabanio Fort Tabanio

South Kalimantan Tabanio Fort Tabanio

Tabanio is a strategic area with high economic potentials because of the pepper yards and fisheries, and also because there are gold mines in Palaihari area, southeast of the fort. Tabanio had been coveted by foreign traders. When VOC arrived at the place, they made agreements with Banjar Kingdom, with the objective to facilitate VOC monopoly at Banjar. One of the agreements stipulated that VOC build Fort Tabanio, as recorded in Banjer Contract of July 6, 1779, article 7. After conducting trading for half a century, the Dutch took advantage of the weak position of Banjar Kingdom, when there occurred a struggle of power between Prince Nata and Prince amir. To maintain his power, Prince Nata asked the help of the Dutch who agreed, on the condition that Prince Nata agreed to relinquish part of his land to the Dutch. Eventually the Dutch succeeded to eliminate Prince Amir, and obtained half of Banjar Kingdom. In 1854m fort Tabanio was occupied by Idris who was then appointed as a royal employee and Idrus quickly obtained the trust of his superiors and became Chief of Riam Kanan (the right bank). Just like Prince Amin Oelah, Demang Lehman succeeded to collect many followers to rebel against the Dutch.

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