South Kalimantan, Swarangan Beach, Swarangan

South Kalimantan, Swarangan Beach, Swarangan


Distance of 52 kilometers from the district capital of the Land of the Sea, not a great distance. Along the streets filled with beautiful panorama, green and refreshing. For those travelers who look for this place, a special place in contrast to the beach in general. Characteristic of the coast is the charm Swarangan Jorong mangroves, which thrive naturally.

The first impression that can be felt beautiful, cool and airy. Visitors can move sunbathing, fishing, surfing or swimming at the beach Swarangan freely. This is a fun recreational activity in the field. You can do the surfing while watching charm sunrise and sunset. Sunlight comes in slowly, the light coming through the gap shady mangrove trees.

You will enjoy the sun completely, see the comings and goings of the sun. Both the charm of sunrise and sunset, all you can enjoy while sunbathing, fishing, surfing or swimming. Mangrove trees are an invaluable natural charm and beaches Swarangan give all Touris and all visitors. Tree lined, lush, growing tall, is a friend who is always talking to you to hum. Because raw windswept trees can lead to a rhythmic sound, according to the arrival of the wind. Controlled by natural sound, the wind did it. Why did you not come mangroves humming or singing? Please come to the beach Swarangan. Travelers see the beautiful scenery of mangrove plants, can be soothing to the eye, reassuring eyes. In local communities, preferring an open stage.

Open stage show is filled with traditional music or the local area. Activities to be the main activities on religious holidays, or days it is important to Jorong area. Jorong Swarangan beach facilities, yet complete, but it was enough for a vacation. Town and village governments have membagun basic facilities, and continue to build to complete all.

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