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South Kalimantan

 Nature Reserves, Mining, Plantations, Map

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It is often called the Province of a Thousand Rivers. One is Barito River, the largest and the longest river in South Kalimantan, and one of the longest in Indonesia at more than 600 km in length. One of its tributary rivers is the Martapura River, which in turn has two tributary rivers of its own, the Riam Kanan and Riam Kiwa Rivers. Barito connects with the Negara River which branches out into lesser rivers.

The population of the country consists of Javanese, Maduranese, Banjau, Bugenese, Chinese and Arabs. The culture and traditions are a real mix of the indigenous Dayaks, Malays, and Javanese, together with the influence of Islam which was introduced by Arab and Persian traders. This can be seen from the people’s way of life, especially in arts, such as dance and music, traditional dress, games and ceremonies.

Handicrafts are made from local raw materials. Jewellery made of precious and semi-precious stones are mostly made and sold in Martapura. Rattan and bamboo weaving are from the Tapin district, handicrafts made of gold, silver, brass and iron are from the Hulu Sungai Selatan region. Sasirangan is a specific textile design where its dyeing is a specialty of South Kalimantan. The designs and method are different from those of other parts of Indonesia.

The high rainfall and adequate sunshine have made South Kalimantan fertile. Extensive forests with a large variety of trees make South Kalimantan one among the largest timber producers in Indonesia. The region is well-known for its iron-wood, meranti, pinus and rubber.

South Kalimantan is connected with cities all over Indonesia through Syamsuddin Noor airport which is 25 km from Banjarmasin. This airport serves 737s, DC-9s and smaller aircraft. Airlines serving Banjarmasin are Garuda, Merpati Nusantara, Bouraq, Sempati and Dirgantara Air Service (DAS). The main runway was to be lengthened to 2400 metres to allow larger wide bodies aircraft to land. The work should have been completed in 2006.(we are not certain if the work is complete at this stage – if anyone has further information, please let us know)

South Kalimantan can also be reached through the seaport of Trisakti and Banjarmasin harbour. Plenty of good roads access towns in Kalimantan.

If waterways are preferable, go by boat along large rivers which head in almost every direction.



Mining sector in South Kalimantan Province is dominated by – oil and natural gas- and coal, but oil and natural gas is inclined to have decreased, coal precisely have very fast increasing amount. Coal production in 2004 reach 45,032,100 m³ tons with increasing reach 7% from 2003 that reached 41,344,695 m³ tons, whereas crude oil production was 394,976.00 tons and natural gas production 23,240.50 tons.

Mining potential in South Kalimantan divided into 3 groups, those are mining category A, mining category B, mining category C. Mining category A group consists of coal with reserved potential 5.6 billion tons, petroleum with reserved potential 101,974,400 m³, and nickel seed with reserved potential 42,242,000 tons. Mining category B group consists of iron ore with reserve potential 194,817,800 tons, gold seed with reserve potential 23,227,517 tons, jewel gravel with reserved potential 23,154,000 tons. Mining category C consists of limestone with reserved potential 10,291,116,760 tons, marble with reserved potential 1,236,097,000 m³, kaolin with reserved potential 194,187,800 tons


Mine Companies

Cempaka, Riam Kanan
Kusan District, Pegatan
Martapura, Riam Kanan
Meratus Mountain Range ophiolites
Riam Kanan
Rirang-Tanah Merah

Golf Courses


Swargaloka Golf Club

Address Swargaloka Golf Course
Jl. Ahmad Yani Km.24 Landasan Ulim, Banjar Baru Banjarmasin
South Kalimantan
Telephone 62-511-705040
Fax 62-511-705040
Website N/A
Email N/A
Holes N/A
Yardage N/A
Par N/A
Visitors Public course
Green Fees A
Course Designer 1972
Club House, Restaurant, Locker Rooms , Pro Shop

Tanjung Golf Club

Address:Jl Minyak
Tanjung – South Kalimantan



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