South East Sulawesi Lambusango Wildlife Reserve

South East Sulawesi

Lambusango Wildlife  Reserve



A. Legal base, location, and space
A forest area of 28.510 ha of Lambusango which is situated in Buton District has been established as a wildlife reserve by the Decree of Minister of Agriculture dated September 1, 1982 no. 639/Kpts/9/Um/1982.
The Lambusango is geographically positioned between 05°13′ -05°24′ southern latitude and 122°47 ‘ -122°56’ eastern longitude. This area is administratively the part of Kapontori, Lasalimu and Pasarwajo Subdistricts and under control of RPH Pasarwajo (BKPH West Buton), RPH Lasalimu and RPH Kapontori (BKPH East Buton), KPH Buton.
B. Potency
The Lambusango is an altitude of 5 -300 m (above sea level), with plain and hilly topography. Its slope ranging 5 – 30 %, with mediterranean soil. Climate type D, with annual rainfall of 1.980 mm in average. The dry season is Agustus until November. The temperature is between 20° – 34° C, with humidity of 80%.The potency of flora and fauna is highly various. Some trees are founded in the area such as iron wood (Mitocideros petiolata), kuma (Palaquium obovatum), wola (Vitex copassus), bayam (Intsia bijuga), cendrana (Pterocarpus indicus), bangkali (Anthocephallus macrophyllus), kayu angin (Casuarina rumpiana), sengon (Paraserianthes falcataria), and rattan (Calamus spp.).
Some wild animal are also founded in the area such as anoa (dwarf buffalo), black monkey, deer, cuscus, wild cow, white forest dove, grey forest dove, civet cat Sulawesi, serindit Sulawesi, etc.
Management of this area has been under the authority of KSDA Lambusango (1 personnel) since 1984. There are some villages closed to the border of the Lambusango; they are Barangka, Wakalambe, Lambusango, Wakangka, Lawele dan Kapontori. Most of population of these villages are farmer, fisher and small trader.
C. Accessibility
The Lambusango can be reached by land transportation from Bau-Bau. It is about 30 km, or about 1 hours from Bau-Bau, the capital of Buton District. The road condition is relatively smooth with asphalt. Alternatively, going by speed boat takes about 2 hours. The nearest accommodation is in Bau-Bau.
Permission for going into the Lambusango can be obtained from the Office of KSDA Buton in Bau-Bau, or KSDA Sultra in Kendari.
D. Problems
The Lambusango status is not yet definitive (it has been proposed the Government of Buton) as well as no facilities available. Other problems are hunting, illegal logging, and non-timber logging like rattan.


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