South East Sulawesi Bau Bau Malige Palace

 South East  Sulawesi Bau Bau Malige Palace


Malige Palace, residence of the Sultan of Buton in Southeast Sulawesi. The palace is the witness of the progress of the mindset of the ancestors in the field of architecture. Since the Palace is located in the Village Melai, District Betoambari, Bau-Bau has a unique structure. Buildings Palace Malige not use nails, but the palace is still standing strong today as a witness to history. Formerly, the Palace was used by Sultan Malige La Ode Hamidi as the government center and shelter their families. Once established as a legacy of history, the Palace Malige by the local government is used as a museum to store objects of historic relics of the Sultanate of Buton, like ancient cannons and objects other relics of the Sultan of Buton.

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