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Papua’s second-biggest city, Sorong sits at the northwestern tip of the Vogelkop. It’s a busy port and base for oil and logging operations in the region. Few travellers stay longer than it takes to get on a boat to the Raja Ampat Islands, but Sorong can be quite fun for a day or two, and there are some interesting destinations in the surrounding region.

The city stretches 12km from east to west. Everything you’ll need is in the western half of town, between the airport (at the approximate midpoint of the sprawl) and the Tembok Berlin (Berlin Wall) seafront at the west end. One main street runs the whole way; it’s called Jl Basuki Rahmat outside the airport, then Jl Yani further west, and then Jl Yos Sudarso after it turns north along Tembok Berlin.

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